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Vinyl Decal Application Instructions

  1. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. Remove dirt, lint, dust and fingerprints. Let the surface dry before proceeding to the next step. If applying to tire rims, ensure all tire shine, brake dust and grime has been removed. Firmly run the application card across transfer tape. 
  2. With the transfer tape side facing down on a flat surface, slowly peel away the white paper backing at a 180 degree angle while holding the transfer tape. Decal should remain on the clear transfer sheet. 
  3. If colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, warm application surface with a hair dryer before applying decal. Carefully align and place the decal on the desired surface. Decal will stick as soon as it touches down! 
  4. Working from the center out, apply pressure with a squeegee or credit card. Slide firmly across the surface of the transfer tape to remove bubbles. 
  5. Slowly and carefully peel away the clear transfer tape at a 180° angle. Make sure the decal remains behind. If the decal pulls away from the surface while peeling away the transfer tape, lay the transfer tape back down in that area and firmly rub the decal. Continue to slowly and carefully peel away the transfer tape. 
  6. After transfer tape has been removed, use a soft cloth and firmly rub the edges of the decal to ensure all edges are firmly secured. Use a hair dryer to assist with adhesion and removing wrinkles and bubbles. Allow decal to “cure” for at least 72 hours before exposing to large amounts of water (ex: car wash) and/or abrasion as it hasn’t fully bonded to the surface. Specialty vinyl may initially have a low tac but will increase its adhesion over the curing time period. Minor bubbles may disappear over the curing period.
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